Where Did the Pure Joy of Our Childhood Go?

In The Mastery of Love by don Miguel Ruiz, on page 29, he discusses how a toddler expresses love/happiness, running and jumping, then mom yells at them for going in street and they see it’s no longer safe to run/play, feel this love/joy, because parents punish you for it.

First of all—wow, seeing the world through the eyes of a toddler! Secondly, how ironic is it that the toddler does indeed learn about safety—but what they learn is unsafe is not running in the street, rather that feeling of pure, unbridled joy and love.


No matter how old you are, you are that toddler. We all carry the life experiences from all of our ages with us (see more on “inner child work”). And our job is to bring to light, to consciousness, how these experiences are continuing to impact us, even years/decades later.

That is really the message of don Miguel Ruiz—to look at our beliefs about ourselves, the “dream” we have, and say, “Is this really all true?” To realize that we have been “domesticated”— that what we believe about the world, about who we are, is really an amalgamation of what has been imparted to us by our parents, our siblings, our teachers…but is it our essence? Our true nature? I’ll let you answer that one…



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