How Big Is Your Calendar?

Are you half in half out of your entrepreneurial pursuits? Do you feel guilty that you are spending so much time on something that is taking in so little income? (Businesses take a while to get off the ground!). Are you telling yourself you can’t buy that second car until you or your husband gets a real job all the while feeling paralyzed by your lack of mobility and ability to network and spread your wings? Do you have that feeling that you’re gonna have to cave eventually and go back to that 9-to-5 job?

When I dabbled in stand-up comedy a few years ago, I remember a comedian telling me that in order to succeed you have to go all in; to really feel the vulnerability of it, the motivation to make it happen. I think it’s like that with building your business too. While my ideal position is working full or part time for someone else while building up my private practice, moving to a new city 4 months ago and expecting my first child in one month is currently precluding me from having that more secure option. There are so many voices in my head telling me I can’t buy certain things until I have enough income; I’m holding myself back from investing because I feel the guilt of not bringing in the bucks like I used to. But I don’t know if I am gonna get off the ground if I keep guilt-tripping myself. I need to start living bigger. Starting with my calendar!


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