The Pee in a Cup Club

Intro: This is the first of two posts I will be sharing that I wrote during my early pregnancy, this past spring. I didn’t share them immediately then due to the private nature of the early stages of pregnancy.

The Pee in a Cup Club

After I was waiting for the bathroom for a few minutes, a young woman exited and smiled warmly at me.

Right then and there I was being officially inaugurated into the Expecting Mom’s club. And let me tell you, I love this club! And it’s not just that I get to use the excuse of “pregnancy brain.”

I have been working on enhancing my emotional intelligence and depth of character ever since my father suddenly died when I was 21. And this afternoon, I sensed that being a mother, bonded to other mothers, will lead me to further expand and develop in this way.

(Written in April)


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