Mean, Green, Boobie Machine 

In adjusting to my new reality, I realized that perhaps there was something I still had from my “previous life.”

Sure, I had turned into a boobie milk machine, but not everything had changed. I could use the approach to facing challenges that I’ve used over the years; harness the same sort of troubleshooting skills that I had in the past.

This realization came to me when I arrived home from our daughter’s first doctor’s appointment and discovered one of my breasts had some swelling and redness.

After looking through the breastfeeding booklet from the class we took, I was relieved that continuing breastfeeding was part of the road to recovery. But I was still quite concerned because I couldn’t decipher which breast malady I was experiencing.

My first reaction was to engage in a downward mental spiral; befalling what had occurred, berating myself for doing something wrong, feeling frustrated that I had to wait until morning to call the doctor.

After a few hours of this delightful despair, I insisted (as did my husband) that I find a new, more constructive outlook. I then asked myself, what would I do if I happened upon an obstacle in my professional life? And the response I received was: to mentally power through and do the best I could to treat the problem. I carefully followed the suggestions in my birthing booklet that I thought best applied to my situation. I accepted that a more clear solution would not come ’til morning.

I faced the problem head-on and didn’t allow my negative self-talk to take over.

I used the same mental tools that I had used when facing other problems in life. I took the more empowered approach. I resisted less and accepted my current reality more. And I did what I could to remedy the situation.


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