Mama Knows Breast 

I wanted to continue to feed on demand at night while the baby nurse agency I was using subscribed to a schedule of feeding every 3 hours (even during the day!). And the nurse didn’t present it as an option, she presented it as the only option.

A few days later we had our first appointment with the pediatrician, who is also a lactation consultant. She agreed that it’s best not to feed on schedule for the first month. This confirmed what I had heard in the past as well as what I intuitively thought to be true.

I was validated in my feeling that feeding on demand was correct and the following night I asserted it with my baby nurse who felt differently. I then subsequently found a baby nurse more in line with my feeding philosophy and preferences.

It wasn’t easy, because I do not like confrontation. But I stood up for what I believed in— for what I felt was the best for my daughter—and it all worked out in the end.



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