Patience is a Virtue that I Don’t Have: The Importance of a Mindfulness Practice

I have noticed that mindfulness is hardest for me when I am on the path to getting something which I want.

That space between getting closer to my goal and getting fully what I want.

When I feel so close, I can taste it.

Examples for me are when I get a job interview (yay!) and think it goes well (yipee!) and then have to wait a couple weeks to find out if they thought so too, and are going to ask me to move forward in the job application process. Or another instance: when I am asked to contribute to an online magazine (wohoo!) and I send them a couple writings and wait to hear back which one they approve.

Instances where I have arrived at some point of achievement, but am waiting to reach full confirmation.

Those are the times when my brain seems to have the hardest time to slow down. When my levels of patience are lower than the depth of the Meteor Crater in Arizona.

I fantasize about how amazing it would be to achieve my lofty goal, on the one hand. And, on the other hand (or, more accurately, the other part of my brain), I spiral downward in thoughts of fear and resentment toward self and others, that I won’t get that which I am dreaming of attaining.

That is why I know mindfulness is so important for me. A practice that will keep my mind in the present moment—not jumping all around following the whims of my thoughts and emotions.


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