The #1 Ingredient for Eating Healthy: Self-Care!

Gila caught my attention when she discussed how our culture has made us think we should look to our significant others to fill the void inside of us, when in reality we must first fill our inner emptiness and then bring that fuller self into the relationship. This idea is something that I have passionately blogged about, and it was the primary factor that spurred me to write my book First Comes Self-Love, Then Comes Marriage. I was excited, therefore, to reach out to Gila to hear more about how she incorporates her knowledge of self-care into her practice as a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Along with being a registered dietitian nutritionist, Gila is an Intuitive Eating coach. The 10 principles of Intuitive Eating, Gila explained, include those relating to food and the body, such as paying attention to, and honoring, one’s hunger cues. They also include those relating to general self-care. That is because people may sometimes use food as a form of self-care when they really need something else, such as sleep, or some relaxation time. Learning to give yourself what you need means having a healthier relationship with yourself, as well as having a healthier relationship with food. One will no longer turn to food, for example, when they are frustrated or anxious, once they have discovered that reading a chapter from a book they enjoy will calm their nerves just the same. Reading, going for a walk, taking a bath—these are just some of the ways that a person can care for their well-being. The process of self-care is individualized, and each person figures out for themselves the activities that suit them best.   

In her training as an Intuitive Eating coach, Gila was introduced to research studies that showed that 95 percent of diets don’t result in long-term weight loss. In addition, those on diets become overly preoccupied with what they are eating; obsessing over food and always counting calories.

That is why Gila is passionate about bringing Intuitive Eating to her clients. To help them achieve physical health and fitness, as well as emotional wellness and mental well-being.


More information about Gila Glassberg can be found on her Instagram page @gilaglassberg. Gila is located in Woodmere, NY and can be reached at (570) 878-3642 or


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