A CRACKED Laptop Screen Reminds Me To Pursue WHOLENESS

This morning it rained a lot after a pretty long dry spell.

I can relate since in recent days I haven’t come upon any internal inspiration to write. My style of writing is not one in which I sit down and write every day for 60 minutes. Rather, I write when the words come to me, or more accurately: the thoughts and emotions. When the creativity flows, I run with it. So sometimes I write multiple times a week. And other times, I don’t write for multiple weeks.

So I was happy this morning when ideas began to flow through my mind, pulling my heart (and the rest of my body!) to my laptop to blog…

Yesterday I got really stressed out. I got caught up in multi-tasking: listening to a professional webinar on my laptop, completing an online survey on my phone, all while intermittently holding my baby. At one point, I went to turn the bathroom vent off so I could better here the webinar. Oops, whoops, splat!!! I tripped on the battery cord of my laptop. And just like Humpty Dumpty, my laptop came tumbling down. (Why is my laptop on a wall you ask? Because I have this awesome nook that acts just like a standing desk!)

At first I was relieved because the webinar continued to play, but 30 seconds or so later, that was no longer the case. And as I opened up my laptop, which had closed during the fall, I was crestfallen to observe that my laptop screen had cracked. OYY.

Thankfully my husband has a lot of IT know-how and he was able to find a screen that he could install, for a price that isn’t too steep. But, then this morning, I decided I wanted him to hold off on ordering it.  I want to use my broken, yet usable, screen some more first. It reminds me of my tendency to put more on my plate than I can handle. More importantly, it reminds me that I have to work on being more self-compassionate as well as patient.


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