“Every Day is Father’s Day!”

Every day on Father’s Day when I handed my father the card I made out of construction paper (a tradition I began when I was a kid and never let go of) he would say “Every day is Father’s Day!”

Ever since my daughter was born this past December, I can relate to that feeling of gratitude and joy of being a parent.

But this morning I discovered a different way I relate to “Every Day is Father’s Day!”

Ever since my father passed away when I was 21, I have been thinking of him and following in his footsteps every day. I chose to become a registered dietitian nutritionist, inspired by his passion and abundant knowledge in nutrition and fitness.

But my father not only facilitated my discovering a career that I would find fulfilling, he also helped me get there without the added stress of having to pay back a giant pile of student loans. (Lord, have mercy!)

My father got married at the age of 42, but he started saving for his future children’s college funds years before he met my mom.

As I continue to emulate my father as a nutritionist as well as a parent, I reflect: Every day truly is Father’s Day.


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