Grateful for Life, Every Step

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend of mine about how quickly a baby develops. One minute they say 5 words, before you know it, they’re speaking phrases. One day they are rolling over, time flies, and they are crawling all over the place!

As I referred to in my previous post, having a child is magical: Seeing them develop and do new things yields such a high! (In Jewish tradition we call this high “nachas”—joy over one’s child’s accomplishments).

I struggle with appreciating my own small successes, but celebrating those of my child helps me understand more what it means to live in the moment and appreciate each step of the way.

We all are someone’s child, and children of G-d, and holding onto that image in our mind, perhaps we can come to cherish our own successes and unique beauty, as well as not take for granted seemingly “simple” things like being able to move and being able to think.


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