Why I Like Walking to Work In the Pouring Rain

Maybe “like,” isn’t the best word, perhaps it’s more like, “get a thrill!” But either way, I insisted on walking to work with my one-year-old daughter in tow yesterday, even though my husband offered to drive us since it was pouring all morning.

My reasons for doing so are as follows:

-Build up perseverance

-If people could do it in the 1800s, why can’t I?

-Build up perseverance

In attending therapy for my anxiety and OCD tendencies, I learned about and practiced Exposure Response Therapy (ERP). While it is not exactly ERP, walking in the rain reminds me of the incremental model of ERP—that if we expose ourselves to small challenges, we can better endure all challenges in general.

I want to believe in myself, to feel stronger in my body. Most of our limitations in life are self-made and walking in pouring rain is one instance where I can either take the easy way out, or enjoy a mini-adventure—be a little rugged, act more courageous.

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