Time Management Tips for Those with No Time

Kayla is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and articulate as she shares tips on how to make a weekly schedule that is realistic as well as fulfilling.  She expresses how often “high-value things” get pushed off by urgent needs and how she and her husband devised a system to map it all out in a dream calendar and see how it would look, and if it were actually possible to get all these important things done.

My favorite aspect of Kayla’s system is the intentionality behind it. “If you’re very clear about where your time is intentionally going, then you can make those adjustments and you’re doing it with so much more clarity!” For example, if you take an unplanned call from your mother, you will see what activity was moved aside because of that and plan accordingly. That way, instead of feeling out of control and frantic like you never have enough time, you can continue on with greater ease and grace, knowing what you need to move around in your day to make up for that unplanned, but much-loved phone call.

She says mapping out your dream calendar is not about taking the spontaneity and creativity out of life. “Those things being down on the calendar aren’t there to confine me, or to tell me that I’m wrong if I’m not doing them. They’re just there to allow me to make a choice. If you choose to do something else, know what you’re not doing during that time. You can’t expect a laundry to get done if you’re at a dentist appointment.”

Want the full story on how to gain control of your time and complete your tasks with joy instead of franticness? Click here for the full podcast, Episode 2 – Why You Don’t Have Enough Time.

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