Mediocrity is Magnificent

I used to listen to webinars on how to grow a thriving private practice. After a while I felt like I had learned all the networking and self-branding tips I could, but that wasn’t the main reason why I stopped listening. It really just started to bother me.

I realized that this dream of making thousands of dollars a month, while achieved by the handful of dietitians or health coaches leading the webinars was simply not a realistic goal for me. Listening to the webinars would give me hope and then later would come inevitable disappointment—over time, I had simply had enough of this emotional roller coaster.

Perhaps if I followed everything they said, I too would achieve such success. The truth of the matter is, I don’t go out at nights due to needing sleep to take care of my daughter (and myself and my relationship with my hubby), add to that I can’t network or do any work for that matter on my business on Saturday since I observe the Sabbath.

So while I’m not saying that the tips these super-successful professionals were giving were wrong, I simply couldn’t put them into practice enough, and even if I did it would still take years to grow a thriving business—even they attest to that!

For every super-successful person, there are one thousand people still struggling to make it. Likely, even more. I have found more satisfaction in working in a full-time job which I find fulfilling, while not having pressure on how much money my private practice is taking in, if any at all.

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