We’re All in the Same Boat

This morning while I was arriving at school with my precious one-year-old daughter I watched as a fellow teacher arrived. She had driven to school, while I had walked. She also was older and had raised her children already, while I was in the midst of raising my first child. I felt like I deserved more credit since I had more on my plate.

I compare my situation to that of others in most areas of life—it’s not healthy and I’m working on focusing more on myself and what I am meant to be doing. But that is for another post…

In this post I wanted to express that really we are all in the same boat when it comes to our morning routines, and most every daily routine for that matter.

Everyone has their “normal” routine—what they are used to. They may be raising 5 kids, 1 kid, or no kids. Everyone figures out a homeostasis and everyone is stressed out when something interferes with that equilibrium.

We are all similar in that way, and can relate to each other in this universal aspect of life.

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