Career: Do Something That Makes You Cry

I felt some tears come up as I ended my nutrition telehealth session with a patient. They deeply appreciated my help and I enjoyed giving over my nutrition knowledge and wellness tips (yay mindful eating/living!).

I hadn’t slept well the night before so I know my body was more likely to tear up/get emotional. But I chalked the tears up to more than just that: I had touched somebody, impacted someone while performing my calling in life. And there is something so viscerally validating about that—it made me cry.

Crying, after all; is not a sign of weakness as I thought it was growing up; it’s a sign of aliveness. It comes from deep within. In times of deep sadness or deep joy, a cry will spring up from our deepest selves without our even trying—whether we like it or not! And in that way, it is emotionally cleansing!

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