Squeezing the Life out of the Lemon

This afternoon I was making breaded chicken. Cooking more elaborate recipes is a new coping mechanism developed by pandemic-related stress. Yes, breaded chicken is fancy in my book. I also first made challah last spring, also related to being stuck indoors and needing a pandemic-friendly outlet, as well as a toddler-friendly activity for my daughter. … Continue reading Squeezing the Life out of the Lemon

To My Parents on Their Anniversary

9/2 - My Parent’s Would-Be 37th AnniversaryWishing my mom continued health and successWishing my dad continued peace and eternal rest (1941-2006)…………. A Poem To the people who brought me lifeTo the people who watered me as a tiny sapling—tirelessly, endlessly, till I knew how to stand on my ownTo the people who guarded me from … Continue reading To My Parents on Their Anniversary

Dream Dad

Yesterday I had a dream about my father. It’s been a while since this happened. My mom was hosting a memorial for him at my childhood home. I was on the driveway as the guests began to leave for their cars. As many people were leaving the house, my mom mentioned a young boy I … Continue reading Dream Dad