That’s a Rap

Call me Karma cuz I'm a bitch I'm like a mosquito bite you can't itch Manifest Destiny I gave you the best of me I gave you the part of me Only me and G-d can see I'm on fire Let me go— Cuz you're gettin' on my nerves And you're messin' with my flow

happy girl

happy girl just wants to see the good cherishes sunshine and friendly souls learned the hard way that ppl don't care as much about her as she does them happy girl just wants to do the right thing Get the job done Do well in school, at work Cross her t's and dot her i's … Continue reading happy girl


WAKE UP To the reality that your purpose is not what you SEE Right in front of you. There's something deeper Some inner truth. Por ejemplo, you know that thing on your to-do list that keeps nagging at you? The challenge is not getting it done. It's trusting yourself in the process. The long, grueling … Continue reading WAKE UP