Never-Ending Lists

Never-ending lists of demands
Too many I can’ts
Not enough I cans
A list so long I cannot tackle
An abyss so deep I remain shackled
to a past I cannot shake
to an ache I cannot fake
to a destiny I choose to forsake
So I have no choice but to procrastinate
or allow myself to fail and falter
admit my goals are not an altar
just a gentle step in the right direction
a realistic goal, a relief from tension
cuz this mountain’s getting high
and I can no longer get by
with the harsh words of my inner critic
the jaded one, my inner cynic
so I throw myself a life preserver
and try my best to preserve
the dignity and self-respect that remains
and all my urges I’ll try to tame
try not to believe the black and white
allow myself to let things be alright
to live in calm instead of flight or fight

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