Inspirational Guidance from Strong Male Role Models

Don’t get me wrong, my mother rocks and my grandmothers were amazing. But in my pursuit of growing my nutrition private practice, it is my male role models that most come to mind. My father, a doctor, ran his private practice for 35 years. My mom’s father owned a liquor store for about the same amount of time. My dad’s father was a very accomplished accountant, which included international work that I can’t even explain because it’s so complicated and impressive. And when I drove to the bank this morning to deposit my first physical check (I’ve been using mostly PayPal) I felt the presence of my father and grandfathers quite strongly.

As I’ve written about in the past and plan on writing more about in the future, having one’s own business means growing a lot in one’s personal character. I think of my father and my grandfathers and how they ran their own businesses; how they dealt with their patients or clients and how they managed all the finances and paperwork. These are the people who are with me when I take my first steps into starting my own business. And they’re the examples without which I would have no direction or confidence in pursuing and growing my business.

father with 6 yo daughter in arms

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