Breaking the 4th Wall: Inspirational Quote Writers Need Encouragement Too!

In this era of social media, it is so easy to get caught up in superficial glamour. Photos are edited, as are the narratives of our lives. Sometimes we are reminded that one’s Facebook or Instagram persona is just that, a persona, but far too often we forget—equating an individual’s post with their reality: “Wow, they must be doing so well, look at this gorgeous pic!” Or, “Their inspirational quote word art is so creative and polished—they really rock at life!”

I’m gonna go ahead and break the 4th wall here; since it seems to have been a popular thing to do in some of our fave TV shows (The Office, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, to name a few…):

Inspirational quote writers need encouragement too! Speaking from my own experience, I love putting together inspirational quote word art. But that is because I love inspiring people, not because I live a 24/7 inspired life. In fact, it is my struggles and internal conflicts that make me sensitive to the importance of getting cheered on in life.

So, I appreciate when my friends (in-person and/or digital) let me know that my words of motivation helped them. Or, when they send me good vibes. I need the inspiration too!


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