Yesterday my baby daughter turned 8 months old. Today I’d like to talk about the past 8 months.

Being a mom is AMAZING for the following reasons (just to name a few…): raising your next generation, being in awe of EVERYTHING your little, precious one does, feeling super blessed that you found a life partner with whom you could build a family.

Being a mom is EXHAUSTING for the following reasons (just to name a few…): You don’t sleep much (that gets A LOT better when your baby can sleep/self-soothe through the night!), your baby cries often because that is their primary way of communicating and you feel guilty/bad, sometimes you have control over your schedule—but MANY times your baby has a different agenda in mind!

I’m very grateful to be where I am now. It’s a huge blessing. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s super hard, and sometimes things actually run smoothly.



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