A Baby’s Cry in Her Play Pen: I Want Out!

In my recent Mommyhood post, I mentioned how hard it is for me to hear my baby daughter cry.  One instance is when she is put down for a nap or bedtime and she cries before she falls asleep. Another time is when I have to put in her playpen and lock the gate, so I can go to the bathroom or take care of something else.

Hearing her cry this morning in her playpen, I related it to the experience I’ve had in life when I feel stuck—locked in a certain situation—-that I so desperately want to change. Recent examples revolve around my career and my husband’s job hunt. An example from previous years was my longing to find my life partner (more on that here).

I so deeply want to get out of my current situation. I wonder, where is G-d, why do I  have to endure such difficulty?

Replace “G-d” with “Mommy” and I project that is what is going on in my baby daughter’s mind when I leave her in her locked playpen.

Little does my daughter know that I am doing it for her own good—that so many dangers lie outside the confines of her playpen that she is being protected from.

Maybe the same is true for adults? We feel locked into our situation, unheard, unseen. But G-d is watching our tears, hearing our cries—keeping us where we are, not to frustrate us but RATHER to safeguard us.



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