On Career and Mommyhood

In recent months, I’ve spoken to friends about their experiences switching jobs in order to have more time with family. One mom became an ESL teacher to have more regular hours. She used to work long days in the TV industry, never knowing what time her work day would be done. Another was a teacher who was up till the late hours of night grading papers and waking up quite early for her morning commute. She became a music teacher, working at several schools, in order to have a more flexible and less time-consuming schedule.

I’ve become more interested in this topic in recent months as I’ve chosen to pursue full-time work in preschool education instead of dietetics and nutrition. When I leave for work in the morning taking my child with me, I feel a sense of peace and unified energy. I am both going to work AND taking her to child care. On days prior when I would prepare my baby’s items for her day and I would drive off to my job, I felt quite bifurcated.

My mom used to say one of the reasons she liked being a stay at home mom was because she liked focusing on one thing and didn’t think she’d be good at juggling working at a job and taking care of her children. I think that is part of how I formed this sentiment about not wanting to feel bifurcated. Financially, staying at home is not an option for me. Also, a few months ago, I started to realize that even if I could hypothetically afford staying at home with my baby, I really missed socializing with other people, and my baby was starting to need more stimulation as well.

I feel fortunate to have found meaningful work that builds on my education and training in psychology and nutrition and allows me to be in the same place as my baby daughter.


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