Keeping Social Media Out of My Mornings

I have a complicated relationship with social media. Sometimes I love it—I enjoy the creativity of posting, as well as keeping in touch with others. Other times, I get so mentally consumed by the downward spiral of social comparison—that person is more successful, that person is prettier, etc.

Related to this, is that social media often really drains my energy. Even the times I am enjoying it, it channels my energy into investing and producing for it and so I have less in real life.

Whenever I add on a work or life responsibility, I take away something that’s been taking up time and/or headspace.  This past week I decided to go into work an extra hour earlier. And as I made this decision I realized that I too would be giving up going on social media (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) in the morning—an idea I have been toying with for a while, since there have been many a time that I have to rush to get ready in the morning, since I got caught up in my social media. These past few days getting to work an hour earlier have been exhilarating, and not going on social media in the morning has helped me maintain my FOCUS and sense of PURPOSE and DIRECTION a lot!


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