The Healing Power of Human Touch

Human touch, much like human interaction, is something that cannot be taken for granted nowadays as our world is becoming more and more digitalized.

Research shows that holding babies in the NICU helps them heal and develop.

Businesses strive to give a figurative human touch to attract and maintain clients.

The other day, as I was rocking one of the babies in the classroom to sleep in my arms, I was reminded of this essentialness of human touch. Nothing can replace that nurturing.

There is a book entitled, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. One of the love languages discussed is physical touch. Discovering what love language/s you appreciate increases your self-understanding as well as your understanding of, and your relationship with, your mate.

Here I want to focus on the self-understanding aspect. Looking back at my twenties, I was longing for human touch. I missed the hug and nurturing of my father, who passed away suddenly when I was 21; I missed the close-knit friend community that I had in college and growing up. Getting into yoga, going for a massage, or hugging a friend were all healthy ways I attained this human affection. I’m less proud of how I also sought it out from people I was dating with whom I didn’t have an emotionally healthy relationship. (More on that, here: First Comes Self-Love, Then Comes Marriage).

I feel utterly grateful to be where I am now: happily married, with my own baby and other babies to whom I can give the gift of nurturing human closeness.


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