Jewish New Year, Day of Judgment

Every morning I gauge how well my morning commute is going based on where I run into a neighbor of mine who takes morning walks. She is a sweet middle-aged lady and we enjoy exchanging “Good mornings.” It has been a few weeks since we have been taking this morning route and one day this week, the lady saw us and said with a smile, “you are late.”

I like to think it’s like G-d, as it were. Even when we miss the mark (the origin of the Hebrew word “cheit,” meaning sin, is  ‘missing the mark’), He is not shunning us, rather He is happy we simply showed up. He too greets us warmly. G-d is cheering us on—even if we do miss the mark once in a while. Therefore, instead of responding to our ‘failures’ or ‘mistakes’ with self-pity or despair, we can remind ourselves that G-d believes in us and He is happy we are staying in the game.

(Note: I used apostrophes for ‘failures’ and ‘mistakes,’ since there is a saying I’ve learned, “There is no such thing as failure, only feedback!” Which is another way of saying, don’t wallow in thoughts of what didn’t go as planned and CERTAINLY don’t see yourself as deficient because of it. Rather, use it as an opportunity for growth—after all, life is about learning and growing.)


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