The Jewish New Year, The Creation of the Universe

This morning I got my period for the first time since prior to becoming pregnant. My daughter just turned 9 months, so that was a good run!

It was weird and sudden and brought back memories of my first period ever. I went to the bathroom one morning and hey, what’s that? Mom, dad, I think I got my period! It was the morning of 8th grade graduation. My body sure did have a sense of humor, I thought.

And this morning my body seems to be continuing its comic nature, as this evening is the Jewish New Year.

As I think about the raw nature of my body’s nature, I realize it’s quite appropriate for the eve of the Jewish New Year in which we commemorate the creation of the universe—the feeling of wonder as we gaze at the world and at our own lives with a sense of awe and rawness. The feeling of starting anew, of having a clean slate, of being reborn.


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