Dad Role Model Career Part 3

Confession: I am sure there will a part 4 at some point. The truth is, I find inspiration in my father’s ways ALL the time. But for now I am going to have this be the last of the series…

It is fascinating how after a loved one dies they take on this almost mystical quality. At least for me, that’s how it’s been. My dad really WAS special. But I also think I love identifying with him, not only because I long for him so much, but because since he is not here in person my acting like him doesn’t take away my feeling of individuality. If he was alive, I’d likely be working more on individuation, as I am with my mom. But then again, mother-daughter relationships have a unique quality to them so perhaps enmeshment wouldn’t be a concern vis-a-vis my father.

In any case, I digress. I wanted to share another thing my father taught me, and that is: thinking outside the box!

One of the classic stories he had was when he was in the Air Force as a pediatrician on a base in one of the Carolinas and he made a mixture of electrolytes to hydrate and heal those that were sick. He kind of pre-invented Gatorade, he would say.

That’s just one of many examples of my father thinking creatively, and it helps me to think outside the box and channel my intuition when I am faced with a challenge in the workplace.

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