Meal Times: An Opportunity for Connection

Breastfeeding my baby creates an opportunity for me to check in with her. Now that my baby is older, she eats around every 3 hours, mimicking meal times more closely. Breastfeeding is a time for me to bond with my baby. So too, meal times are an opportunity to bond with our children. Even when my baby’s nourishment is not being physically produced in my body, the food that I give her is an extension of that same role: to nourish and nurture my child.

Meal times can also be an opportunity for us to check in with ourselves, such as during a busy workday.

Judaism instituted 3 times of prayer during the day and I see this as well as a time to check in with oneself. As well as, a time to check in with G-d, our Creator. Also, as with breastfeeding, G-d, our Nurturer, is checking in on us when we create a spiritual channel through prayer.


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