Mommyhood—When Alone Time Isn’t Possible: EVERYBODY Dance NOW!

When you become a mom, me-time becomes even more important, but in certain situations it simply isn’t doable. Sometimes you have to figure out a new way to deal with stress when you can’t just shut out everyone and everything on a whim and have a dance party in your bedroom (my personal example).

This morning was very high energy—rushing, stressful, anxious—I wanted to go dance it off in the bedroom but I had to pack my family’s lunches, then I wanted to yell to let out all that stressful energy, and then I realized that I COULD have a dance party—with my family. I turned on the YouTube song list I was going to bop around to myself and we ALL bopped around, my husband holding our baby in his arms (she was delighted!). I had fun, they had fun, and all that HIGH ENERGY got channeled and diffused.


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