Wearing a Uniform, Having a Unified Purpose

This morning I saw two gardeners with leaf blowers wearing the same colored clothing: a peach-colored shirt and dark green khaki pants. It gave me a sense of PEACE and EQUANIMITY to see them matching like this. Whether they did it on purpose or not, I realized that school uniforms or work uniforms are not only to show the same physical image across the board but represent a deeper unification of values, a SHARED MISSION. I used to see having to wear uniforms as rigid and suppressing one’s intuition and creativity. But seeing it in this light, it doesn’t feel restrictive. Rather it is the UNIQUE QUALITIES of all the individuals—their personalities, their strengths, their interests—coming together in pursuit of some GRANDER SCHEME.

Note: I was first introduced to this concept years ago in a lecture by Rabbi Akiva Tatz. I recently came across a book of his, so this lesson must have popped back into my consciousness and impacted my experience of seeing these matching gardeners. Which brings an additional lesson: What we read and learn can continue to impact us, even SUBCONSCIOUSLY, for years to come!


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