“We’re Closed”

I still remember that sinking feeling in my stomach, “We’re Closed.”

But it was only 5:50. That’s 10 minutes ’til closing time.

I was 12 years old at the time, going shopping for a new pair of shoes with my mother. The way I was raised, if something closed at 6, you got there close to 6. But now in the working world, I’ve been behind the scenes and have a greater understanding of why that shoe store kicked us out. Taking a customer at 5:50 would mean taking care of that customer past 6 pm, then having to do paperwork, lock up, etc, which would lead to the store closing around 6:30 pm.

Being a nutrition entrepreneur, I learned that you need to charge not only for your in-person time, but also for the travel, energy, materials, etc it took to prepare for a nutrition seminar. And now as a preschool teacher, I am learning it again: the importance of time management and planning—in getting home from work to take care of myself and my family, as well as, in particular when it comes to getting home promptly in time to the prepare for the weekly Sabbath. I have to honor the closing time.

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