New Year’s Resolution—Rewrite YOUR Narrative

Recently I’ve been struggling with feelings of “not enough.” Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve been struggling with this for basically my whole life. Feelings of insecurity and not being good enough—at life, at my job—not being popular with my peers, not living up to my vision for myself.

Well, my tendencies toward low self-esteem and social comparison have only been magnified by social media—seeing others with more glamorous Instagram pages and/or many more followers. It makes me feel that I am falling short.

But, am I?

It’s hard seeing others with seemingly more success than me, but on the other hand, what is real success? And why do I have to feel so much pressure to outperform myself all the time?

As 2019 begins, I acknowledge that a simple change in the calendar year is not going to change what years of talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy have not fully resolved.

Nevertheless, the new year brings with it a clean slate, and perhaps now would be a good time to commit to taking small, realistic steps toward my goal, while accepting that where I AM is OK.

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