Playing Should Be Fun for the Parent Too!

In my work in nutrition education, I have learned that when we ourselves are interested in what we are teaching, our students will be intrigued and inspired as well. That is why refreshing lesson plans and allowing for spontaneity during an education session—in any field—is so important. I know this to be true furthermore because I remember a lot from my middle school science classes because my science teacher was so passionate and excited about what she was teaching us.

Well, the same is true for parenting. When we play with our children we should be having fun too! Our children can read our emotional states, and they will have more fun if we are having fun.

Getting enough sleep is not only essential for self-care, but for helping us pay full attention when we are with our kids. In addition, we can regularly rotate the toy and book options to make sure we are interested in what we are doing. Sure a lot of times we will be reading the same thing over and over again, but having newer books or toys around will infuse more excitement into playtime. Another way to keep ourselves engaged is to play music that we like in the background, and if it’s kid-friendly—even better!

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