Setting More Realistic Expectations

Recently my mom relayed to me that my father was working in Medicaid clinics once a week to supplement his income for the first 10 years of his private practice. This past couple of years I had been feeling discouraged at how slowly my nutrition private practice was building up and my mom’s anecdote made me feel quite reassured. A couple years ago I listened to nutrition entrepreneur and wellness coach webinars about professionals making six figures, about how if you just network and advertise your butt off, you will surely find success.

Well, I advertised and marketed, and while I picked up a few clients here and there, I didn’t feel like I was getting off the ground to make a substantial amount of income. I’ve always felt bad about this, since my father was an allergist in private practice for 35 years and he was my inspiration for envisioning how I would run my own nutrition private practice.

I want my dad to be proud of me and I was feeling like I was letting him down, as well as letting myself down from my expectations.

So when my mom told me about how my father used to work for years at Medicaid clinics once a week, the shoes that I am aspiring to fill felt a bit less giant—I felt less daunted and more reassured.

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