Run, Pray, Blog

“Consistent practices yield creative episodes that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred had one not been doing them consistently.”

This was an idea I thought of when I was 19. I wrote it down following a jog I had taken that evening. I realized that while not every jog would be invigorating and amazing, by jogging regularly a few times a week, I created the opportunity for a great jog once in a while.

So too with prayer. I had been praying 3 times a day since I was 15. Some days were more rote than others. But if I hadn’t prayed daily, I would not have had those days—those moments—when I felt truly and deeply inspired.

And now I am relating this concept to writing as well. I write a lot. And sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Where is this taking me? Shouldn’t I be spending more time relaxing in my free time between taking care of my baby and working full time (2 full time jobs!)?

What is this voice in my head, or more accurately my heart, and why does it keep saying things, why do I almost always have a running commentary about my life? Should I just start ignoring it? Watch more TV, chill out a bit?

And then I remember those days when I was praying daily, those years when I jogged a couple times a week and I remind myself that simply showing up—just keeping the consistent practice—lays the groundwork for inspiration to come!

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