Embodying the Experience of a Relative Visiting My Toddler Daughter

This past weekend my brother visited us. The week prior my mom did. It was so great to see them spend time with my spunky 14-month-old daughter.

This morning as I played with her, I imagined what it is like to play with an adorable toddler for 1 hour, as opposed to being in charge of her care 24/7. I pictured my brother, and my mother, and what I projected their experience to be like. This is particularly easy to do today since I am about to head off to a full-day conference for teachers.

It made me appreciate each moment with my child even more—I focused on her every movement, her every syllable. It was a special experience to pretend I too was someone who doesn’t regularly see her. At the same time, I am very happy that this was an exercise to help me live more in the present rather than a reality. Even though it is exhausting, I love taking care of my daughter 24/7/365 and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank G-d.

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