Keeping Technology Out of My Morning Part 2

In a previous post I discussed how I refrained from using my smartphone in the morning to stay focused. Well, since then, I have gone back to checking it sometimes in the morning. That, and, I often go on my laptop to send an email or write a blog post.

Yesterday I edited a work document I had written the previous day and emailed it to several co-workers. (It was notes from a seminar on Conscious Discipline—very helpful and inspirational!)

While I felt proud of myself for getting all this done before work, at work later in the day I felt more drained than if I had spent my morning relaxing and doing some yoga.

This morning I told myself I would NOT go on my laptop! But then I remembered I had one more email to send. I then remembered another email on a different topic that I had intended to send this morning.

So I decided to use my laptop. BUT, I tried to make it a little less draining on my psyche. (The light of the laptop screen combined with the intellectual stimulation of typing and sending these emails really bogs me down!) While my laptop was loading the email site, I closed my eyes to give them a respite from staring at the screen. I took a few deep breaths and opened my eyes. I repeated this each time my laptop was loading a page. I tuned into my breath and reminded myself to stay connected to my breath, to my core, to the purpose of my day (which is to be a vibrant and productive teacher—as well as mom!)

Having those few moments interspersed into my laptop time this morning helped me stay more grounded and more connected. I think I will feel a bit less drained later today because of this practice. But I’ll have to wait and see…

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