A Yoga Instructor’s Journey Through Injury and Pregnancy

Seven years ago, just a few weeks after I began teaching a yoga class to my community in NYC, I incurred a back injury that got worse and worse and I had to stop teaching. I couldn’t even do 75% of the poses myself. Both realities were very frustrating and weighed heavily upon me. I resented it a lot.

Being pregnant was reminiscent of this previous back injury in that, even though thank G-d my back was 100% (I give swimming a lot of credit for that!) I had to cut out a significant number of yoga poses such as inversions and twists, which are contraindicated when pregnant.

These fluctuations in what I was allowed and not allowed to do, felt like restrictions and limitations. And it was HARD.

I am writing this not to change the reality—I accept it (well, mostly). But I want to vent and say these transitions are challenging—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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