Yoga Poses Precede Sitting Meditation

In my yoga instructor training, I remember learning that yoga poses were part one of yoga, part two was sitting in meditation. First you relax, let out your jitters, get flexible—then your body can sit comfortably for long periods of time and meditate.

Well, this morning I experienced just that. I had done yoga for 15 minutes before my toddler daughter woke up. Then I got us ready for our day at school/work. As I’ve written about previously in the post, My Focal Point is a Hexagon, I work in a baby room, so when all the babies are napping, I often do some standing stretches and yoga poses. Well, this morning I had already done said stretches, so during nap time I sat in a chair and meditated on my breath.

It was just the right type of mid-morning self-care that I needed. And I even had some insights…see my next posts for those.

Yoga Poses Relax the Body to Prepare It for Sitting Meditation

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