Nutrition Nuggets in Child Care Setting

Working full-time in a preschool, I often miss aspects of my career as a registered dietitian nutritionist. I worked as a full-time nutritionist in a pediatric clinic for six years, and have been seeing clients privately for the last three. But ever since I have shifted gears to focus on raising my daughter, I haven’t been working as many hours as a nutritionist.

But I suppose in some way, my current work is a partial manifestation of my vision as a nutritionist. Ever since I decided to become a nutritionist, I always dreamed of going into people’s kitchen cupboards and instructing them on what food to keep and what to get rid of. Working for six years at the pediatric clinic, I continued to wish I could have more of an impact. Sure, I could educate, even motivate, patients and their parents to eat well, but in the end of the day, I only saw them once a month (if that); I wasn’t there with them in the supermarket, I didn’t get a tour of their food pantry.

As an early childhood educator, the act of feeding the children is fulfilling for me—well, that is, when they bring healthful food, which thankfully many of these kids usually do! (I am grateful to be working with children with health-conscious parents!)

I also enjoy implementing the recommended tummy time and any other exercises parents suggest to encourage their baby’s muscle development and mobility.

I feel like I can really have an impact, since I am caring for these babies each and every day.

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