Ode to Our Stroller

I like my routine. Unfortunately, I know this even more when my routine is dashed.

The particular routine I’m speaking of here is walking with my daughter to work/school, pushing her in her stroller.

I never realized until her stroller got damaged in airplane travel recently how well it had worked for me. As a Pilates and yoga instructor, I am passionate about ergonomics and posture. I love how I could have optimal posture while pushing her stroller and engage my abdominal and back muscles.

We borrowed a couple of strollers while waiting for our new one—except for one, none of them even came close.

Besides its anatomical ease and efficiency of use, this stroller is like a second car for us. It has so much space in the basket underneath the seat. All other strollers pale in comparison.

I just want to put my baby in it again, load it up with our food and supplies for the day and zoom off to work with it. But I can’t. Because they cracked it.

I miss it deeply. I appreciate it more than I ever knew.

I know it sounds weird to feel this way about a stroller—this level of grieving. But it was a smooth, sturdy ride that kept me feeling fit while keeping my child safe.

It did such a terrific job, and I can’t wait to get it again.

The Stroller That Fit Me Great, While Keeping My Child Safe—Ever Since She Was Born

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