What’s in a Date?

June 6th used to be my workaversary. I worked as a pediatric outpatient dietitian of a hospital. It was my first job as a dietitian and very much the type of dietetic work I had aspired to do. I had volunteered there as well as at the sister hospital over the previous months and then they had an opening. It felt like a real miracle since job hunting felt like it might never end! (Sending out resumes, going on interviews for entry level dietitian positions that I wasn’t passionate about and didn’t feel equipped for—it was a long 6 months!)

I stayed at that outpatient dietitian position for six years. Then my husband and I decided to move out of the NY/NJ area and explore other places to raise our future family. We visited Atlanta and soon after decided to move there. When we arrived, I was six months pregnant.

Fast forward to a year later and we were celebrating our daughter turning 6 months old. Guess what the date was?…My workaversary had transformed into my daughter’s half-birthday! I was still quite proud of my work accomplishment, but now it formed a foundation for the celebration of giving birth to and nurturing our delicious daughter.

Eleven months after that, we looked into renting a house. We found one that truly fit the bill! They wanted our lease to start the first week of June. We looked at the calendar. Our apartment lease wasn’t up until the end of June, so I didn’t want to pick the earliest day. June 6th was glaring me in the eye, but I couldn’t imagine yet another exciting venture being commemorated and that day. On the other hand, it was a Thursday—late in the week, but not too close to the Sabbath/weekend that it would be too hectic.

In the end I picked June 6th—a workaversary, half-birthday, and now housaversary!

Thinking about it, I suppose it’s not that bad to have these blessings fall out on the same date. It simply symbolizes how blessing flowed my way—in the most auspicious of ways, in ways beyond my imagination. And it reminds me to be grateful for these blessings and not take them for granted.

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