A Lesson on Self-Regulation and Sensory Processing

Recently the preschool where I work gave a talk on sensory processing and self-regulation. I still have a lot to learn about these topics as it relates to preschoolers—as well as, as it relates to me!

These lessons are giving me extra insight and self-awareness. A greater vocabulary with which to understand my own psyche and personal challenges.

So far, what I’ve learned is that I seem to fall into the Overresponsive category with certain things. I tend to be overwhelmed by stimuli and get anxious easily.

Case in point: A few days after the talk, my toddler daughter was nagging me and crying and whining. I attributed my frustration in this moment to be related to my propensity toward overresponsiveness.

It was interesting to learn about these topics and how to understand children better, as well as how to understand aspects of my own behavior.

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