Texting Generation

I write a lot about the need to reduce our reliance on technology. But one morning, I got really frustrated and defended my need to use my phone. I felt like it wasn’t fair that my co-worker could pray from a book during some downtime in the classroom, but I wasn’t aloud to use my phone to text my husband about my emotional frustrations.

This made me realize that while technology must be used in moderation, there is really no denying how part and parcel it has become in the psyche of millenials and all the more so, generation Z. (I was born in 1985, so my relationship to technology is different from someone born in 1995, etc).

I have a love-hate relationship with phone-free zones. On the one hand, I love being free from that need to text someone back, to take photos of everything, to check my social media, etc.

On the other hand, there are times in life, where I really need to send that text, or check something on my phone, and it is hard when surrounded by people of an older generation who do not understand what that feels like.

And then many times, it’s just a matter of following the policy of one’s workplace.

Sometimes I feel quite refreshed to take this phone break. Usually I do. Other times, often there is stress involved, I am further stressed out by the inability to use my phone.

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