Emergent Curriculum: A Passion Within Me Re-emerges

One of the main reasons I decided not to minor in education in college was because I didn’t want to have to follow a set curriculum.

Had I known about emergent curriculum, I may have rethought this decision.

As I am learning from Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings, by Susan Stacey, there is a way to teach children which is based in curiosity and spontaneity. As well as, with room for customization and individualization based on what you observe AND DOCUMENT for each child (man, I love documenting—that’s the dietitian in me! and the writer!).

This model of teaching is anything BUT BORING. It is inspiring. It is invigorating,. It is fresh. It is authentic. It is intuitive. It is natural.

And it is making my life so much more fulfilling right now—as an early childhood educator, as well as as a mother!

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