From Corporate to Chaos: How Becoming a Mom Changed My Career Path

There is something I really miss about having a desk job. And that is: it was even-keeled (for the most part). Now that also made it boring at times, which is why I was eager to branch out away from it. I don’t mind doing nothing sometimes, but doing nothing in a small office without a window and no natural light?—no thank you!

I lived for my lunch breaks when I could take walks on the campus where I worked. The sun shining on my skin. The leaves on the trees glistening in the sun. Greenery, sunlight, blue skies. Ahhhh.

And then before I knew it, it was back into my dreary, windowless office. I felt like a part of me died inside.

While I was pregnant, I started thinking I may want to be a stay-at-home mom, like my own mother was, or at least work only part time. Flash forward about a year, and I began working full-time in a preschool. My daughter was five months old and we both needed to get out more. For the first few months I was one of her teachers, and after that she moved up to the class right next door. I’ve been working at this preschool now for 1.5 years. My daughter is two I am itching to get back into more of a desk job versus chasing, carrying, and caring for toddlers 24/7. My job is very rewarding but I miss my old desk job.

Then again they say the grass is always greener on the other side. And I know it’s easier working at my daughter’s school, as well as in a preschool environment versus having a challenging clinical position. For example, it would be challenging to get to carpool on time! Having my job and my kid in the same place is very convenient.

I’m just entering this new stage now where my kid is older and wondering what that means for me and my career choices. Being a mom, this is a decision that will always be on my mind. And it’s constantly evolving.

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