Early-Morning Gym-Goers and Overall Success

Recently I’ve been going to the gym in the early morning to exercise. My first day, the front desk person said he likes how early-morning gym-goers know what they want, have their sh** together, and get in and get out.

This made me wonder: Is there a correlation between going to the gym in the early morning and overall life success?

Are early-morning gym-goers more organized in general? Are they more determined? Are they more likely to have their sh** together?

I know a lot of people who thrive working out early in the morning, and then I know others (such as myself, before I was a mom who wakes up regularly at 6 am) who rather get more sleep—sleep is so essential to optimal physical health!

Going to the gym early in the morning may indicate that one has a job and is working out before work, or that one is simply a morning person who wants to get a jumpstart on their day. It certainly isn’t the only way to do it: my father worked noon till very late at night, so he worked out in the late mornings usually—but that isn’t common. I once had a dietetic preceptor who would work out during her lunch break! That sounds like a refreshing break in the middle of the hustle and bustle of one’s workday. And many people work out after work in the evening—however, I find if I work out after 6 or so, it disrupts my sleep at night.

Conclusion: The time you work out is less important than the fact that you MAKE time to work out on a regular basis.

Is going to the gym in the early morning indicative of overall success?

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