When Career Meets Mommyhood

Recently a younger friend of mine said she wants to figure her career out before she has kids. I was the same way. But something happened when I became a mom—a part of me that was always there blossomed. My creative side, my playful side. They made me better at being a mom, so instead of suppressing it as I had as a student and then a professional—I let it flow. More than that, my interest in child development grew almost at the same rate as my very own infant daughter. And so two years later I continue full time work as a preschool teacher and focus less on my dietetic career, in which I was full time for 6 years.

Planning ahead, investing in our education and career growth is essential. But sometimes motherhood brings new insight, or deepens passions one’s already had. It might even be inevitable. And I’m learning to ride the wave.

Being a mom has further brought out my creative side.

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