Quarantine on My Mind

Quarantine on my Mind
Everything else is left behind
Longing for the Day when everything was Fine
Now quarantine is on my Mind.
Quarantined in My Mind
Everything on the Outside may look Fine
But doubt and darkness swirl inside
Quarantined in My Mind.
Quarantine in my Head
People not forced to stay in bed
But commanded not to leave their Yard
Quaratine seems mighty hard
Quarantined in My Head
It’s difficult to rise from bed
To step toward what’s next to come
Quarantine has got me glum
A break from the Rat Race
Memories you can’t erase
A standstill for the community
A call for unprecedented Unity
Break away from all the fear
Cherish now what you hold Dear
Take a breath and take a step
From Life’s Blessings don’t feel bereft  

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